When'll You See,How Much I Care

Never will I understand,
Why my love, denies my hand.
What pain, what suffering have you endured?
With my help, can you be cured?

My thoughts, my dreams, you re always there,
When will you see how much I care?
Such little time I ve spent with you,
Enough to know my love is true.

The further you drift away from me,
The more I feel I ll never be free.
Perhaps I should just let you go,
Your love maybe, I should not know?

My love and friendship is always here,
And if you should ever shed a tear,
My arms are here to hold you tight,
For I will always be your light..


Anonymous said...

A very good one!!

nilofar said...

its simply great..happened to be in this blog accidentely..but nw i hv become a die hard fan of urs...u r writing wht my mind wanted to say out loud n louder...keep goin