Trying To Forget You

Up until now
I had so much to say
but it's everything I've said
That's gotten in my way

I won't talk about you
Anymore to anyone
The time for that has passed
It's just over with and done

Supposed-to-be forgotten words
are still dancing in my head
And I'm just trying to "not remember"
A single thing you've said

I wanna forget all about you
Who you are and what your name is
Cause it's causing so much pain
And I honestly can't take this ..


Lenardo da vinci said...

I completely agree with you... The pain is unbareble,,,,she went with all the glee of life

mehreen said...

i have to say man, i'm really impressed by ur work... i read a lot of poems on ur blog and im completely in love with it now... iv added it to my favorites... really bravo.. !! keep up the good work

namita said...

Love is life and nobody can leave with it

Rocky said...

It's true feelings of heart
feeling the pain of love is hell...

vishu said...

trying~~ i can just try to... '.'
but first love of life can never be forgotten until it rests in piece in grave (thinking abt the one who love)

Anonymous said...

truely dude .. ur poems r luvli..!!