God made me just to be Unhappy ?

Hearing words piercing my heart
Expressing abyssal pain
Sharing fearful inner thoughts
Broken spirit still remains

Soft whispers became icy arrows
Puncturing a delicate target
My drawn lips, tightened bow
Projectile voice, tipped with regret

Placed upon a pedestal
Spitting accusations of wrong
Scorning you for my past
By my side, is where you belong

Toxic words more damaging
Than a physical strike
Killing loving life essence
Faster than the third reich

Splintering what we've built
Slicing beauty to the core
Filled with heavy sorrow
Hope to repair what I tore

Crystal heart has been shattered
By your testimate of pain
Love from a magenta gem
Attempting to maintain ..

~ The smiles now have faded, as has the sun; A lifetime without you has now just begun :) ~ Read More >>

You were made just unforgetable

Jita b Usko sochun Utna he door paun
Jitna b Usko chahon khud he bikharta Jaun,

Mein Aam Sa Musafir be-aas,be-sahara
Wo door kahin basta aasmaan ka tara,

Mein Rait sey Ulajthi Sehraoon ki hawa Hoon
Wo sahilon peY chalta bad-e-saba ka jhonka,

Haan farak tu bhut hey,
per Baat yeh Fakat hai .. ?

Mein lakh toot jaun
Khud sey he rooth Jaun,

Per Yeh na h0ga Mujse ..
k,Mein usk0 bhul jaun..

God had made you for me , i ever thought as if you were an angel sent from Allah just for me , But I never know you will be gone forever,but forever seems very short because you were made just UNFORGETABLE :) Read More >>

I just Cant ..

Yun Gawarah nae Jeena Bin Tere Muje
Kyun hey Juda k0i tu Waja Bata Dey Muje,

Kuch aur nae tu Ker Itna Karam
Janan Tu Yaad na aYe wo Jaga Bta Dey Muje .. Read More >>

I feel You are My One True Love

Happiness is when we feel completed
Being in love is no longer feeling defeated
What I wish for is the world to be like you
Sweet, gentle, caring and true

Now you are gone, my world is incomplete
I hope one day I will meet
Someone who can make time stand still
I hope they can make me feel

The way you made me
You set my heart free
Of course no one could replace you
My one true love will always be you.. Read More >>

When You Look Into My Eyes

When you look into my eyes..
what do you see?

When you look into my eyes..
what is it that brings you close to me?

..is it the love i have for you?..
or is it just me?..

When you look into my eyes..
what does it make you think of when you are near me?

When you look into my eyes..
What do you want from me?

When you look into my eyes..
why do i always get a feeling that you are always going to be with me?

When i look into your eyes i see myself there..

... when i look into your eyes i feel so free Read More >>

Why Does this Happen in Love?

Why does this happen in love?

In exchange for faith, why does a person not receive faith?
In exchange for prayer, why does a person not receive prayer?
In exchange for joy, why does a person not receive joy?

Why does this happen in love?
How much will love cause you to cry!
It will make you forget the whole world.
It will increase your anxiety; you won't know one moment of peace.
What people become in love and from what!
Sometimes you come together only to be separated.

In this spring, you find only an autumn.
Life ends while you're still waiting.
In exchange for laughter, why is a person not given laughter?
In exchange for faith, why does a person not receive faith?

This moment doesn't linger.
No watch is mounted over memories.
When one's wound does not heal even with medicine,
imagine what someone might do in such a state..

The Day You loved Me

Loving was something I ran from
Trusting was something that didn't come easy.

Being myself was something I could never do
Faking a smile was something that came naturally.

Hating myself was something I could not hide
Being free was something that seemed so far away.

Wishing was something I learned didn't come true..

Everything was just so fake to me.
I was a stranger to myself.
But that all changed in one quick heartbeat.
When you said you loved me..