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Why Me ?

Sitting against the wall,
Pressing hands to ears,
Blasting music,
Rocking back and forth,

Why me,
Why me,
Why me?

Why can't I be with the one I love?
Why can I never be happy?
Why do I go through so much stress?
I just want to die at times.

I have good friends,
A few good choices,
They help me,
And I help them.

So why do I choose to ask these questions?
Why am I so unsure?
Am I not believing in my friends?
Or is it the depression?

One Day You'll Also Love Me

Why do you hurt me?
Do you like seeing me cry?
How can you just walk away?
When you know I'm dying inside!

How can you drag me,
Through this heartache and all this pain?
You know everything about her,
But do you even know my name?

Do you know how much I love you?
Do you even really care?
How can you let me love you?
Why are you so unfair?

Why won't you let me move on?
Let me be happy once again?
You want me in your life I know,
But I want to be more than just your friend!

Baby, just let me go!
I don't even me a thing.
But I don't want you to let me go!
I love you... Can't you see?

Ah ..

Wo Mere Pass That tu yeh Ehsas tha ,
Wo hey Tu Sahi mgr Kuch Khas nhi ..

Wo Chala ghia tu Yeh Dard Hua,
Wo he Sab kuCh tha Jo mere pass nhi :( Read More >>

After Me ..

After Me ..

When I will not be here,When i will be gone forever,When i will be dead,Just Come to My Grave,Dont Cry ..

Just put Some Wild Flowers Beside me,Sit along the Yard for Few Moments,Talk to me,Cheer Me up ..

Remember the Times When We Were Together,When We Were Friends,Listen To My Quiet Reply..

Enjoy Those Moments , Try to understand the Unsaid Words & Consider How Much You still Mean To Me :) Read More >>

Pleasureable Pain

Meri TakmeeL Abhi Or Bikher ker hogi,
Subah hogi mgr Raat Guzer ker Hogi ..

Tujse Milne ki khuShi mein Yeh Ehsas na Raha,
Kitni Takleef Tujse Bicher ker Hogi ..

A Painful Night Without You

I touch you as I feel your head brushing your hair from your face
Gathering the emotions building inside of me
One thought of commitment one thought of faith
How much I love you how much I feel your pain

All the memories of our short togetherness
Lingers in my mind as I feel warmth inside
I kiss your forehead trying to make myself strong
For what a difficult time it seemed

After the brief pleasure of being with you all the time
I feel so lost to loose you right now

These were my thought what I had that time
How I had thought it would be so wrong
How it seems to be so right after all
Better as I am after the horror of my dreams

Thinking if I really had to leave u
Did I really have to make that sacrifice?
Stepping on my emotions
Choosing loneliness after all that happiness..