Life is a Game,Just play it

Roll the dice again
for nothing more than less.
Go ahead and take a turn
for a second chance at happiness.

Maybe we'll win this time,
it could be our lucky day.
To make this life worthwhile,
to make things go our way.

End up with a number,
go on and take those steps.
Walk on to a new beginning,
forgive and pay your debts.

Take a chance on love,
you never know what you may get.
Evin if you play the wrong card,
you can pick another from the deck.

Life is like a game,
play along cause it's your call.
The only way you truly lose
is if you don't try to play at all .. Read More >>

I Dont Cry For the Past

Even though u have your times
Times were u r negative
Times were u doubt
Times when u say stuff u don't mean to say
Don't cry

I will always be there for u
I may get mad
But not for long
I never can be mad at some1 as amazing as u
Don't cry

I'm sorry for getting upset with u
During those times
I will always be by your side
Don't cry

I need you like the wolf needs the moon to guide it threw the night
Without the moon
The wolf would be lost
No where to go
Don't cry

The moon may eclipse on the wolf
But the wolf will wait it out n stay strong
We may have our eclipse like the wolf
That eclipse only last for so long
Just remember when that moon comes back
I will be there waiting for u to make it full again
Don't cry !

You & Me - The Precious Moments

You mean the world to me
You are everything to me
Just to hold you close
To feel your loving embrace
Makes me smile and feel loved inside
You have my heart and shall keep it forever
You have the password to my soul
You are the missing piece of the puzzle that shall make me whole

I love you with all my heart
Words cannot describe how i feel
To be apart from you for just a short time
Tears away at me inside
But as soon as i see your beautiful face
And just have one bittersweet kiss
The pain inside me vanishes and is no more

I feel you are my one true love
My reason to live on
Without you I would break
Just shatter into pieces
And float away in the wind
You are the reason that i wake each day
So I hope and pray that you will stay.. Read More >>

You Were Only Made For Me

I can't take this anymore
what is the point?
everytime a get close to you
you walk away and take no blame

its all your fault a feel this way
there's nothing left to do or say
i loved you with all my heart
but you just tore me apart

ive never felt this way
every about someone
i just feel like walking
and taking the gun

put it striaght to my head
hopefully end up dead
but im not letting you win
this is all just a sin

you've taken my soul
but soon again a will be whole
to love my life once more
i can now walk out the door

i'll just put you in the past
i should of known it wouldn't last
but at least now im free
i can live life happily ...

Till Death Do Us Apart

Forever and always, I have loved you that long
What was once just a dream has come true
For, you have lived in my dreams and are now in my heart
I have waited a lifetime for you

Each one of us has a true love, so I am told
One special person who makes us complete
From the moment I met you, I knew it was true
You are the girl of my dreams, my soul mate

Enduring and endless, our love will remain
Our hearts and our souls intertwined
Always together, we will walk hand in hand
I will be yours and you will always be Mine .. Read More >>

Would You Walk with Me Forever

Would you walk With me through the Months and years,through laughs and tears,through dreams Through Fears,Dont break my heart for it would shatter like mirrors,so would you walk with me,through it all..

We'll rise and fall,my feelings building up like walls dont break them down,just take my hand
and dont let go,Hold it tight with all you know,Now Lets Walk .. Read More >>

One Day I Will Be All Yours

You didn't live to see my face
And I wonder what you were like
You would've been a few years older
But you didn't get to live a life

I didn't get to meet you
Because you had a disease from birth
I wasn't even born
When you were taken off the earth

I didn't get to learn who you were
Don't know if you were gonna be smart
But even though you are in heaven
You hold a big chunk of my heart

I think about you each day
When I wake up and go to sleep
And though we have no memories
My thoughts about you, I keep

I would've loved to meet you
But I know that that won't happen
I guess I'll just have to wait
Until I meet you in heaven ..