Learning from mistakes ..

Mistake after mistake
That's all I seem to make
I take one step just to fall
Take another and hit a wall

I close my eyes, for I'm afraid
Another mistake I know I made
Yell at me I know I did it wrong
Try again? Am I that strong?

Can I take another step without fear?
What if another mistake is near?
Falling and tripping along the way
I will get better at this one day

I'll keep stepping no matter how long it takes
One day I will learn from these mistakes
They say practice makes perfection
I want to be like your refection

And hold my head up high
Looking up into the sky
Able to walk without stalling
Not worrying about falling..

Love or Trust .. ?

Trust is a fairytail little girls grow up believing..
Love is a willing act so many take over and over again, just to let their fragile hearts once again break..

Love,I put so much faith in it..Truth,I kept believing it falls always from the lips of the one you love and trust the most..

Faith,It's all bound up to love and Trust where does one end and the other began,and how do you tell when love is the blindest of them all? Read More >>

My Destiny Always Deceives Me

The ultimate pain of solitude and silence
Broken by the sounds of whimpering
Blood is everywhere
Spelling out the horror of what happened
Telling no lies
And giving no explanation

Fear overwhelms the victim
Who's sitting in the corner
The blade lays on the floor
Covered in red liquid
The victim is dying
But she's enjoying every second ..

Even When Shadow betrays You

This fear I have.
This pain I have.

This feeling of terrible hate
Looming over me.

This animosity tormenting me
Devouring my very soul.
Wanting to take over.

It whispers in my ear
Filling me with dread.
Clutching my shoulders
Pushing me over the edge.

This Shadow was born
In Darkness
It lives in Darkness.

This Shadow I fear.
This Shadow is Me ..=(

Trying To Forget You

Up until now
I had so much to say
but it's everything I've said
That's gotten in my way

I won't talk about you
Anymore to anyone
The time for that has passed
It's just over with and done

Supposed-to-be forgotten words
are still dancing in my head
And I'm just trying to "not remember"
A single thing you've said

I wanna forget all about you
Who you are and what your name is
Cause it's causing so much pain
And I honestly can't take this ..

I Want To Quit this Mean World

The whole world is fake
The faces around us
We all seem to hate
We live a lie
Up until the day we die..

Trying to be someone were not
Not being ourselves
No matter what
All living are lives
As a sharade
Letting our true selves fade and fade..

Why cant we all be real
Tell people how we truly feel
It seems as though
This is how its always gonna be
Not having a true definition of the word Me,
Just simply acting to make ourselves look good
Not being who we are
Like we should ..

Life is an Endless Journey

Life is the journey we all will take,
An undulating adventure,
Make no mistake.

Through it all we take things for granted,
And then look back with resent.
At the worries that have planted,
And the problems they present.

Though life does have many highlights,
Some that we won't ever believe.
Moments that had always been in our sights,
And tell of how much we can achieve.

And while we all go through at different pace,
To reach our final goals.
We all end up finding our place,
Somewhere that we are whole..

When My Beats Miss Those Days

Its Not That I Dont Miss You,Its Not That I Forget You.Its Just That I never Forget You..

Even it Cant be So,till My heart is Beating ..

=)

Nothing Is Forever..

How many friends have you lost along The way,

How many lovers gone from your sight,
How many times have you broken down in fear,

How many times have you cried yourself to sleep at night.
This world that we live in is far from perfect,
So many things that make it wrong,
Sometimes there's light that brightens up Your day,

But others its been dark all along.
How many times have you left your House crying,
Knowing things will never be the same,
How many times have you had to hide Behind a smile,

Live with a different name.
They say that life's what you make it,
But how can we control death,
One minute we are here living life,
The next out of breathes.

The journey of life confuses me,
Sometimes i just sit and wonder why,
Why do the people we are closest to,
Always have to die???

Tomorrow Never Dies

Everything Comes To An End After a Critical Period.But,Tomorrow Remains There No Matter What Happens in Our Lives ..

A Hope Remains there,in the Way We Want Our Dreams To Be Fulfilled .. Read More >>

I am Yet To be Loved by You

The Affection in Your Smile,The Depth In Your Eyes..Was never for me,I Never realized.Worthy of nothing,still i wish to survive,I look for The care,For You,I Strive..

Over Ruled by the Strong desire Of Being Priceless Like You,I am Yet to Be Loved,To Be Loved By You.. Read More >>

When'll You See,How Much I Care

Never will I understand,
Why my love, denies my hand.
What pain, what suffering have you endured?
With my help, can you be cured?

My thoughts, my dreams, you re always there,
When will you see how much I care?
Such little time I ve spent with you,
Enough to know my love is true.

The further you drift away from me,
The more I feel I ll never be free.
Perhaps I should just let you go,
Your love maybe, I should not know?

My love and friendship is always here,
And if you should ever shed a tear,
My arms are here to hold you tight,
For I will always be your light..

Things will Never be The Same

I say I'm hurt,
But no one ask why..

They see me crying,
But they just pass by..

I don't understand why your love makes me feel this way,

Because when I hear your voice,
I feel weak and walk away..

You call ma name,
And I slowly retreat
You walk toward me,
And my heart starts to beat,
Faster and faster,

With every step you take,
My pain grows larger..
Because I know things will never be the same.. Read More >>

Who Cares When I am Hurt ?

Everyone hurts at one time or another.Sometimes The Hurts Are Relatively Minor And Tend To Go Away By Themselves.

But at Other Times The Hurts Are So Intense That We Wonder Whether They Will Ever Go Away.. Read More >>

To Whom Shall I Complain ?

Some say I am a betrayer betrayed,but if I have never betrayed anyone,and have just been betrayed in love why would you say this ?

Is it because after you hurt my heart and split it open that when I hated you I became a betrayer ?Or is it because I wont let anyone in because the pain hurts ?

Am I the betrayer full of hate for you?
It is true I hate you but there is a part of me that wont let you go.

I still hate you or how you hurt me,but I still love the way you were and how you would hold me in your arms.

Now I feel like I'm falling..
To Whom shall i complain?

Silent Rays of Hopes ..

I stood by the window
With good reasons to curse
For life was turning from bad to worse
I wondered how could anyone preserve his morality
When all around is disloyalty..

When people around you are all so corrupt
How could it not be your principle and values disrupt
I looked outside keeping aside my plight
When suddenly i saw a wonderful sight..

Far away on a small flower bed
Grew a little rose,so bright and red
The rose with thorns was completely surrounded
Yet in pleasant fragrance it fully abounded..

Beside there was a pond with weeds of every kind
In grew a lotus of colour rare to find
Surroundings too filthy,smell really awful
Yet the lotus bloomed,radiant and beautiful..

In an atmosphere conducive and fine
everything would glitter and shine
But living in hell and doom
Its really creditable to bloom..

Look at lotus,look at rose
Its allways the beauty,wherever it grows..

Broken Friendship = Borken Heart

I'm Sitting here now,
Tears fall down my cheeks,
I can't take this pain no more,
I cant stand these weeps..

Writing from my heart,
As is starts to finally break,
I've been acting so happy,
I can't believe how fake..

I feel the pain at night,
Mostly when I'm alone,
I sit here on my bed,
My heart can no longer be sewn..

I'm looking for a place,
Where i can just get away,
Somewhere where i wont think about you,
Each and everyday.

The friendship necklace we had,
To sides of a heart,
I wore apart of yours around my neck,
you had half my heart from the start.

I guess i didn't realize,
you could cause me so much pain,
But i need to give you back that piece of my heart,
before i slowly go insane..

I'm so sorry things had to end this way,
I guess it wasn't suppose to be,
But please give me back my piece of the heart,
I need it to be free..

Love me for a Reason

Don't love me for what I have,
Or the things that you think I'll receive..
Love me for who I am as a whole,
And the person that I'm struggling to be..

Don't love me for my money,
Because if you ask I will truly share..
Love me for being understanding and kind,
And for being a friend whose always there..

Don't love me because I house you,
Because I would do the same for a dog..
Love me because I have faith in you,
And for loving you most of all..

Love me for seeing the good in you,
And for helping you overcome the bad.
Don't love me because I cater to you,
And for giving you my very last..

Love me for the person I am truly,
On the inside and the out..
Don't love me because the words I love you,
Flows freely from my mouth..

Why Cant You see Me Cring ?

Watching you go is slowly killing me inside
To see the pain you suffer, it just isn't right
I find myself crying though you're still here.
One day you won't be, and that's my greatest fear.

So I soak up the moments I still have with you.
And regret the ones I lost when I had better things to do.
I know there are things I can never make up for,
And still somewhere inside you loved me all the more

This only makes it harder to accept that you'll be gone.
How am I supposed to get up and keep moving on?
You've been here my entire life in many memories.
One day I'll make new ones and you won't be with me.

When I have a question, where do I run too?
For all of these years, that person's been you.
When I have a fear, who will chase it away?
I'm shrinking by the minute, dying by the day.

How many I love you's can I fit in before you go?
There will never be enough, and sadly this I know.
For the sake of my heart and the thoughts in my mind,
I'll say I love you, one final time.. Read More >>

You Said You'll always be there

The day i met you,
That really fun day,
When i seen you in the mirror,
I thought that you were the one,
But i guess i was wrong,
You hurt me,
You killed me inside,

I don't no how but you did,
You cheated,
You even lied to my face,
When you were alone,
I was always there,

But when i needed you,
You were never there,
I loved you so much,
but did you love me,

It hurts to look at you now,
I cant even look you in the eye,
You just didn't understand,
That you meant so much to me .. Read More >>

Nobody knows How Much I Miss You

Gate of memories Will never Close,
How MUch we Miss Each other nobody Knows ..

Days Will Pass Like years,We will remember the Memories In Silent tears ..

Dedicated To NoBoDy -

The Game of Hearts

The tangled webs that life may bring falls away to love,To have and to hold til death do us part even when push comes to shove..

Everything that I do and say comes with nothing but true sincerity.Together we’ll make the world ours have a love that brings real prosperity.I truly believe forever will be nothing but real bliss..

Each day that I awake, I can’t wait to feel the passion in your kiss.Our lives that we’ll lead will bring love that others only dream of.You are the one that brings prosperity to my life and our love.
Forever I give myself to you always on my bended knee. .

My love is yours, my life is yours, because you have set me free .. Read More >>

Life is all about having Fun

The prettiest words you say.
The most amazing things you do,
The most little things that make us smile,

In sandy beach, the longest walks,
The tight hugs, and longer talks.
The most little things that make us smile,

The next day texts, missing you they say
And i been thinking of you since you left today.
The most little things that make us smile.

Tonight, ill be holding your hand tight,
And whisper i love you with my eyes open wide.
You are the most special person who makes me smile.. Read More >>

I Always Hide My Tears

Tears burning as they fall
My soul is crying for you
Melting a path to my heart
Where love still lives so true

Memories screaming in flame
Holding your picture again
Eternity has stood still
Since you left me in pain

How do I live in darkness
Without you lighting my way
Fading images haunting my life
When I turned and left that day..

Hiding beneath tide of misery
Waiting to be swept away
Drowning waves of broken dreams
Never your love would I betray

Will you catch me when I fall
From my cliff of sorrow
Need your love to continue living
Without you time is borrowed..

My Past ..

People Says,"Gone is Gone..Move Ahead,World is AwaitIng For You"

But They Never Know..I have Lost my Whole World in The Past .. Read More >>

Because , This is Fate ..

Everytime I'm nearly over you
You show up, and ruin everything
We weren't even anything serious
Just a silly fling

But it meant something to me
You were my first kiss
You shattered my heart and stabbed my back
And I'll never forgive you for this..

How dare you take advantage of me
Just to see how far you'd get
I wish she'd never introduced us
I wish we never met

Cause then when I'd see you
I wouldn't want to puke
You make me feel so happy, then so sad
Now i feel like ill never find someone else
That, that was just a fluke

You made me so self conscious
You made me feel ugly
You made me feel like "you could do better"
but at least now i can say I'm free

I might not've caused this freedom
but it sure as hell feels great
Maybe we'll meet again one day
Maybe we wont ..

Its up to fate ...

My Wish is Only You

The world of dreams
Beckons me again
It's a dream of a world
With nothing else but pain

Nothing feels right
Something is gone
I feel empty and hollow
My heart turns to stone

It is you that I miss
It's my soul that is gone
Is this my destiny?
Forever alone?

I'm tired of wanting
I'm tired of needing
And each time I succeed
I am left dead and bleeding

Say you love me
And I'll love you too
But I'll never say that I do
beCause you wouldn't love me too

Dedicated to a Mother ..

I Had Never Been a Fortune Teller ..But This is the fUture I cOuld See ahead .. =)

Agar BhUl jaye k Humney kabi na bhulaya tha tUj Ko,
..tu ..

Yad Unko Kerna JinhoN ney Banaya tha TujkO ..

SarghOshi ker k Tere kanoon mein.BahoOn meIn apni Sulaya Tha Tj ko
Chalte Chalte Thoker lagi tU Hastey hUye Uthaya tha tjkO,

Raste ka ilam na tha,Lekin aghey jAney ka Josh tha,
Tu tha Uss Wakt Nadaan bhut,
Ungli Mein Tham ker tera Hath,dOor ek Nishaan dikhAya tha tjkO ..

Manzil pa ker tU paraey b bhUl jatey Hain,
tUney kese BhUla dIya JinhOn ney Hamesha Apnaya tha tjkO ..


Writeen :

12:45 am

____

A bleeding bird ..

When someOne just leaves you,Then All we have to Do is nothing But to Dwell in despair ..A cOmplete Bleeding birD !

Hotey hain Sab he Juda,Hamarey BichrNey ka Sabab yehi Tha,
Tumhari Yadoon ka Sahara B choot Gia,Mere Tutney ka Sabab yehi Tha

Tum Tanha Theh,HumSafar Koi na tha,
Tumhari Jafa Ko Wafa Samaj liya,Mere dubney Ka Sabab yehI Tha ..

GairOn ki chahat ka Seerab ApNon ki pehchan Bhula Gia,
Mila na Kuch Sila Phr b,MEre Rothney ka sabab yehi tha

Tumhen Farda ki Fiker tHi,mAn meIn ek khof tha,
Mein Tu Nibah Sakta tha SadyOn tak,Mere Lotney ka Sabab yahi tha ..

Tumhari Takmeel mjse thi,Tumhari Takdeer mjsey thi,
Mere Zawal k dar ney hara dIya tmkO,Mere Aazmaney ka Sabab yehI tha

Aaon ga na Kabi Lot k,Beshak chaho Muje tOot k
Tumharey EhsanOn ka bhOj rUlaey ga,

Mere ratsa Badalney ka Sabab yehi Tha ...

Meri Kahani ..

JAhan Mili Mohabat wO theher Gia,
Jahan Mili Nafrat wO seH gIa ..

Yehi hey meri Zindgani,
Darhakekat Meri zindgi ki kahani ..
kOn janey Kahan ShUru kahan Khatm yeh Dastaan pUrani..

I was tOtally Unaware Of the wOrd " NoBoDy ",But Now It seems as if It has been Penetrated intO my restLess sOul .. What The Life ActUally Is,I barely knOw !But,No One ever Tried tO get me,Thats why NoBoDy Aint seemeD That RedicilOus !

SometImes It seems I was Destined to be alOne,sIlently living,havinG cOuntless wIshes,sIlent Screams,sIlent Prayers .. Alas ! Everything is jUSt sIlent !


Written :

12:03 am

26/05/07

Few Pages Of My Diary ..

When The Internal all Bleeds,Then The Only Left is " Words " ..Nothing Much to Reveal,Except a sOul ..The Lost sOul.

" All hOpe abOndned,whO enters Here "

Here I Go,Because I knOw I am DestIneD tO Move On .. =)


- That Was The Very first Page Of My Diary ..I Wont Feel Weird to Share Some Moments With Everybody over Here ..
Because,EveryOne dO go thrOugh all These Periods ..

Let me Start,With My Own things,The Few Pages,sOcked in Tears .. =) Read More >>

Can You Bring Me Back to Life ?

If only you could see the tears
In the world you left behind..

If only you could heal my heart
Just one more time..

Even when I close my eyes
There is an image of your face..

Once again I come to realize
I'll have to live to make you live..

But I will give my life away
If you don't wish me to smile..

Because my heart keeps asking you
What on earth will you do about me, love..

What will you do..
To bring me back to live..

What will you do..
Except coming to me..

What will you do..
You have no choice left
As I have no hope left ..

You are Living in Me

SOmethings in Life never Changed,
Somethings in Life You Dont Find Reasons,

Some Moments in life are not forgotten,
Sometimes You lose hope..
When time rolls By You To forget,
What Holds You on..

Some people in life are a part of You,
and when You Let Them Go,
You Never Lose Them..

Beacuse ..

You Find Them Living in You .. =) Read More >>

Living With Memories ..

I remember the old days
when we used to play,
Those memories passes
by my mind each day,
Everytime we play tag,
And I'm IT,
I always find you to get tagged.

Oh how wonderful was it to be a kid,
We were only small human beings
that needs to get fed,
We never knew anything before,
But now we know something more...

We learned the existence of the word "LOVE"
They say it can make people sob,
Love has only four letters,
But has meanings that we
Can treasure forever..

Seems Like Just Yesterday ..

It seems like just yesterday
You were here with me,
But now you've gone away
It's hard for me to see,

I wish I could talk to you
Wish I could see you
Everyone else wishes that too
Even you probably do,

Now you May Be Gone For Sure
But,Would I Ever be able to Forget U?

I Dont Know, Why People Hurt Others So Easily.Even They Don't Think,They Don't Bother That This Behaviour May be Done With Them Too At Anytime, at Any Turning Of Their Lives.. Read More >>

Thank you For the Broken Dreams

The world of dreams
Beckons me again
It's a dream of a world
With nothing else but pain...

Nothing feels right
Something is gone
I feel empty and hollow
My heart turns to stone...

It is you that I miss
It's my soul that is gone
Is this my destiny?
Forever alone?

I'm tired of wanting
I'm tired of needing
And each time I succeed
I am left dead and bleeding...

Say you love me
And I'll love you too
But I'll never say that I do
'Cause you wouldn't love me too..

Life is Colorful ..

Wake up with a smile
Say a quiet little prayer
Give everyone a big smile
Show the world you care,

Friends make life a total joy
Can change your entire day
Cultivate your own happiness
Chase those lousy blues away,

When I wokeup this morning
The sun was shining so bright,
So much nicer than yesterday
My heart was sunny and light,

It takes so little to be happy
If that's what you truly want,
Cultivate a permanent smile,
Put away your selfish wants ..

A Gift From Naaz ..

[ Yeh dil ki sadaa hai, yeh meri dua hai ;
Teri zindhagi mein, kabhi gham na aaye ]

I heard the birds chirping this morning
Together they sing a note
Cheering someone they adore
Welcoming a soul they vote

Waking up every man in town
To join in their happiness
The song continues all day long
Bowing to their highness

It creates a joy in every heart
That you deserve what comes Your way
The struggle went on all these years
To make us smile everyday

My words are served as the red carpet
As I garland my wishes to you
My prayers always accompanying you
With Allah’s blessing shower upon you

[ MeRi Jis Din BulaA dOn, Tera pYar Dil Se ;
Woh Din AaKhri hO, mEri ziNdaGhi kA! ] Read More >>

If I Could Burn My Existence..

If I Could have Many Wishes and If wishes Did Come True,Then..

I Wont be Here,Infact ..

With You ..

Why did You Break My Heart ?

I Loved U So Much From the Very begginning,I ever Cared Of Ur Heart.You Knew That U were the Only reason That I Live,But Was I the Game that U Played With ?

You Left Me,You Might Forgot Me,Just because I Was in Love With You?You Break My heart In Just One Go? Read More >>

A Memory From the Past

A Memory from The Past,
I am in its power,
A feeling Thats in My Soul,

I Had like to Believe it All Didnt Happen,
But The Past Cant Be Wiped,
Cant bE Destroyed ..

I Am Wounded By Your Words Like a Blade,
Stabbed In My Heart
Thats Painted Red By My Blood,
Arguments and Feelings Fight Inside Me,
The End Just Depends On Me ..

I Fear To Lose,Committed Crime,Forgiveness,Bleeding Soul?


This Is That Keeps Me Alive,Gives Power To me To Forgive,The Bleeding Wound Heals Up,But the Scar Remains And Makes Me Remember .. Read More >>

Why Do I Still Love You ?

I Cant Get You out of My head
No Matter how i try
I Still love You
Even when you make me Cry,

I want You in my Arms
I want you to be Mine
But You don't want me Now
You says it's Not our Time,

Relationships are hard Enough
But love makes them even Worse
Love Makes it hard to give Up
Love is a curse,

I Hate the fact I love You
And that i cant Get You out of My Mind
I hate that every time i think of You
My heart flutters and My eyes Cry,

I don't understand how you do this to Me
How You make Me want to Die
How I dream about you Every Night,

I 'd rather Cry and mope and Whine
Than call You to get things Straight
Because somewhere in my Heart
I know Its already Too Late ..

I am Sorry For Everything I Did

I'm sorry for all the thing I've said,
And for the times I've done somthing to hurt you,

My feelings were all I cared about
Our friendship now totally changed
Really, I wish I could take it all back,

Roads now forked in opposite directions
Your trust I have lost,
Still Few words i have to speak out,
I am Sorry for All i Did .. Read More >>

If Only You Were Ever There

Seems to be the foulest on Earth
Yet the sun skims the sky
In shadows I dwell, bound in my chains
In the silken divine, but darkened depths

Kept on descending; I don't know where I've been
How am I to know? It was too dark to see
An angel could save me
Bring me back from this despair
But there was never one there

Reached the bottom of the pit
Consumed in those brisk, black waters
Caught from each rainy afternoon
So few remembered in those chasms
So many were there, so many

Deceased lie in regiments cascading to the ground
So solemn are their vows before they reach the final stair
You're going up now? What could ever be up there?

We are standing in tomorrow's murky past
Come and laugh, Let's all laugh
Stand alone, all together now

Kept on descending and I don't know where I've been
How could I have known? It was too dark to see.
Can you save me from this overwhelming despair?
If only you were ever there ..

Memories are all I have left

A light scent of jasmine
Carried by a small breeze
I am holding my breathe,
For a moment I feel...

Cascading tears on the surface
Of emerald green soul
Reflecting your image,
On the lonely shore...

All memories we had
The light jasmine scent
Brought on my mind again
With a deadliest pain...

I put your photo back
In the pocket I keep
Memories haunt my heart
With dreams broke apart...

I am Running Away From My Life

I hate this feeling of displacement,
Not knowing where I'm headed.
Not knowing how to react.
Heading to a place that I have created.

Slice open,
The pain held inside.
And let it slip away.
Every night that I have cried.

Let the blood drop,
Let it all slip away.
Let life slowly stop,
This life of disarray.

Foot steps...their coming,
Cover the blood,
Don't show what you are becoming.
Don't show the crimson flood.

Place on that mask,
That mask of happiness.
Forced smile...always a task.
My veins now becoming bloodless.

In they walk,
The blood still dripping.
Full of empty talk,
I can feel my life slipping.

Never did I want to die,
I just wanted to feel,
And then asked why?
To stop feeling numb would have been ideal.

But now as I slip away,
I can see things were never right.
A fake life was on display.
To the skies I am taking flight.

Why won't this life let me go,
Take me away from my life of hell.. Read More >>

Let Me Be happy Once Again

Time spent with you fills me with sheer happiness,
I know together we will never be ,
And this does leave me in sadness,

When I see your smile ,I can't help but smile too,
You make me feel so special ,
When you look at me the way you do,
Your the one who makes me laugh,
Never am i down when your around..

You say the sweetest of things,hearing your voice is like a heavenly sound,
You make me so very happy ,but at the same time I still cry,
I cry because we will never be One,
So to stop loving you I have to try .. Read More >>

Left With Beautiful Memories

I am Looking For Some Place to hide,
All My Senses ,It Seems Have died,

It's like waiting in the scorching desert for a breeze,
All I am left with All Your beautiful memories,

I don't Know How I am gonna Get On Without You,
Because The mistake wasn't mine,neither wrong were You Read More >>

Lost in The Ashes of Time ..

Here I am,Lost in the light of the moon,
that comes through my window ..

Here I am,Lost in the ashes of time, but who wants tomorrow?

Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divide the thorns from the roses,Its you whose the closest .. Read More >>

The Story Of My Life ..

Story of my life,
I always pay the price
You say you love me,
Your just a great liar to be.

Wonder why I hate you,
Turn around, look at me
Oh! Thats right, you can't,
I not there, so just stare.

Stare at the blowing wind,
Where I could have been
Stare at the empty space,
Where I used to stand.

You killed me, took my heart,
Ripped it from my chest
Held it, beating, in your hand.
Then just dropped it to the ground.

You killed me, not a tear shed,
Or a thought left for the dead .. Read More >>