Memories are all I have left

A light scent of jasmine
Carried by a small breeze
I am holding my breathe,
For a moment I feel...

Cascading tears on the surface
Of emerald green soul
Reflecting your image,
On the lonely shore...

All memories we had
The light jasmine scent
Brought on my mind again
With a deadliest pain...

I put your photo back
In the pocket I keep
Memories haunt my heart
With dreams broke apart...


mohit said...

I miss her :(

Aali will u please help me bringin her back ? :(((

Aaliyaan said...

First tell the scene ?:P

Anonymous said...

my soul is pining 4 her.....
i get horrified at the mare thought of her memories..
these come back gasping me /
i cant fight through all these now
i just want to get away from these memories.and yes there are so much of them very sweet too
but i have to get them away i know/
please help me.....