Because , This is Fate ..

Everytime I'm nearly over you
You show up, and ruin everything
We weren't even anything serious
Just a silly fling

But it meant something to me
You were my first kiss
You shattered my heart and stabbed my back
And I'll never forgive you for this..

How dare you take advantage of me
Just to see how far you'd get
I wish she'd never introduced us
I wish we never met

Cause then when I'd see you
I wouldn't want to puke
You make me feel so happy, then so sad
Now i feel like ill never find someone else
That, that was just a fluke

You made me so self conscious
You made me feel ugly
You made me feel like "you could do better"
but at least now i can say I'm free

I might not've caused this freedom
but it sure as hell feels great
Maybe we'll meet again one day
Maybe we wont ..

Its up to fate ...

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