A Gift From Naaz ..

[ Yeh dil ki sadaa hai, yeh meri dua hai ;
Teri zindhagi mein, kabhi gham na aaye ]

I heard the birds chirping this morning
Together they sing a note
Cheering someone they adore
Welcoming a soul they vote

Waking up every man in town
To join in their happiness
The song continues all day long
Bowing to their highness

It creates a joy in every heart
That you deserve what comes Your way
The struggle went on all these years
To make us smile everyday

My words are served as the red carpet
As I garland my wishes to you
My prayers always accompanying you
With Allah’s blessing shower upon you

[ MeRi Jis Din BulaA dOn, Tera pYar Dil Se ;
Woh Din AaKhri hO, mEri ziNdaGhi kA! ]


Aa|iyaan said...

Thanks Dear :)

adi said...

whY U thanks wE aLl like u

but REaLL Y iaM veRy Angry tht

tiM not rePLy me

jusTT I wanT Too

SAY U He is BorN

tOo rocK

Anonymous said...

aali will u accept smthg from me ?:)

sanjana said...

aaliyan...ur 1 in million...may god bless yew...n happiness too