Silent Rays of Hopes ..

I stood by the window
With good reasons to curse
For life was turning from bad to worse
I wondered how could anyone preserve his morality
When all around is disloyalty..

When people around you are all so corrupt
How could it not be your principle and values disrupt
I looked outside keeping aside my plight
When suddenly i saw a wonderful sight..

Far away on a small flower bed
Grew a little rose,so bright and red
The rose with thorns was completely surrounded
Yet in pleasant fragrance it fully abounded..

Beside there was a pond with weeds of every kind
In grew a lotus of colour rare to find
Surroundings too filthy,smell really awful
Yet the lotus bloomed,radiant and beautiful..

In an atmosphere conducive and fine
everything would glitter and shine
But living in hell and doom
Its really creditable to bloom..

Look at lotus,look at rose
Its allways the beauty,wherever it grows..


COUNTRY MAN said... your feeling....

Shalini said...

it.s d same wat m feelin ritenow.... feeln bttr thanx AAliyan