Let Me Be happy Once Again

Time spent with you fills me with sheer happiness,
I know together we will never be ,
And this does leave me in sadness,

When I see your smile ,I can't help but smile too,
You make me feel so special ,
When you look at me the way you do,
Your the one who makes me laugh,
Never am i down when your around..

You say the sweetest of things,hearing your voice is like a heavenly sound,
You make me so very happy ,but at the same time I still cry,
I cry because we will never be One,
So to stop loving you I have to try ..


Obsession said...

u took the words from my heart......

Anonymous said...

ur very sad naa

Harini said...

OHHH...........! really daam awesum....i jst hope fr ur love to be bakk with u.......!

roop said...

really these words are taken form bottom of heart.