I Want To Quit this Mean World

The whole world is fake
The faces around us
We all seem to hate
We live a lie
Up until the day we die..

Trying to be someone were not
Not being ourselves
No matter what
All living are lives
As a sharade
Letting our true selves fade and fade..

Why cant we all be real
Tell people how we truly feel
It seems as though
This is how its always gonna be
Not having a true definition of the word Me,
Just simply acting to make ourselves look good
Not being who we are
Like we should ..


Mihir jha said...

hey its a good one.......it reminded me of asimilar post on my blog.

lichi said...

u r really fantastic, fabulous and my star. i always wish for u and i will also pray for u in the future.

Sourcebound said...

that was well said..

Anonymous said...

hey can u tell me d d songs name whoz lyrics are these..plzz

kannan said...

In the world fake, LORD JESUS remains true and he will surely save

aman said...

i think u have true feelings you really mean what you say
you should try as apoet , as true things never dies...........

maya said...

its true...almost perfect!