Meri takmeel ho Jaye ..

Bata Rah-e-mohabat Mein chalon mein kis trah Tanha,
Bina tere Mere humdum,chala mujse nahi jata ..

Meri khushiyon k sab khakey Tumhare bin adhure hain,
Mere sapne,meri Ratein,Mere sab din Adhure hain ..

Mera Sapna haqeeqat mein,Jo Yun tabdeel ho Jaye,
Agr tum aa Milo Humse ..

Meri Takmeel ho Jaye :)

My Soul is Crying..

Ticking of the clock seconds elapsed
It tickles my heart reminds me of the past
Unknowingly tears fallen and aching my heart..

Breath away my soul do not cry
See the beauty of surroundings
Enjoy every minute of this universe
Every heartbreak there's always a try
Give your soul another chance to life,

One lost love thousands coming
Never deny the beauty of life
The madness happens it challenge us
Be brave crying soul be warrior of your own life..

All those tears and heartbreak gone when you know,
Crying soul do not hide and run
It's your own heart you can't run..

I'll Wait For You Till I am live

A lengthy silence falls gracefully between the two lovers,
Trying to read the stare U comes to the realization of the anguish we share..

I the blink of an eye You crushes my hopes, dreams and desires,
with the words to follow..

I cant do this to you anymore, we need to stop talking for a while, I'll call you soon,
Depression sets in as You turns and walks away into the enfolding night..

..Watching the love of his life walk away I whispers to her fading silhouette " I will wait for you " Read More >>