I am not afraid of dying

It's not so easy to stop from screaming, But words escape me when I try to speak,
Tears they flow but why am I Crying?After all I am not afraid of dying..

Don't believe that there never is an end, I know that I'm alone, It's me and Myself and Nobody else Read More >>

Dont Cry At My Funeral

I'm going far away, to another place,
People are gloomy,
They bring flowers to adorn my grave,
All of their faces clammy,
With tears and perspiration,
Dressed in white,

I look from above and feel immensely sad.
How can my people do this to me?
How can they spoil my happiest moment?
I wonder indignantly,

I wanna run through the door,
And meet all the people I wanted to meet
All the people I was always fascinated with,
I wanna ask them about their thoughts and ideas,
How they feel about their life, after death..

Skate on the rings of Saturn,
Sink in deep oceans, never to return,

I wanna look over my near and dear,
Observe who really mourned me,
And who rejoiced my eternal sleep,
I wanna cry over others' pain,
Without being irritated by worried eyes,

I am moving to another world,
Much bigger than this one,
Much more beautiful and ..

One Last Thought, One Last Motion,One Last Heart Beat,I Breath One Last Breath My Eyes Are Closed as I leave With Death .. Read More >>

Memories Play a Confusing Role

You left me not too long ago
And yet it seems like forever,
I reminisce the day you left all this time
Because I was right there beside you..

I can't seem to get over the feelings I had,
At that very moment I felt so alone,
It grew cold in the room
That I lost all feelings and sense..

All I had was pure silence and disbelief,
I saw people moving towards you all around me
And yet I couldn't move a step towards you,
I couldn't distinguish my emotions
Because I wasn't sure of them..

I felt soo much anger and sadness, but I couldn't cry
At that moment I wasn't sure what was wrong,
And now a year & a half later it all comes back to me
Every tear I held in falls, and now I can't seem to stop..

I've realized how much I missed you
And how much I've needed you here
But there is no way for me to reach out for your touch.
I feel so alone right now,
That I just wish you could take me with.. Read More >>

Love Kills ..

Suno , Kisi neY saCh kaha Tha ye,
Mohabat mar nahi SakTi ..

Mgr ,

AdhOra saCh sUna HumneY,
Mukamal saCh tu Yeh hey k ..

Mohabat khUd nhi Marti ,
Mohabat maar deTi heY ..

Come to Me ,Dont ever Go Away

Where have U gone?!
The one that was always there
The one i depended on

With everyday that goes by
I feel we drift apart
Further and further away
But forever in my heart

Please come back to me
And don't leave me alone
I feel so empty
I feel so cold

I love you i do
With everything i am
But please come back to me
And hold me where I stand ..

And You Took me With You..

Tuje Kia Khabar Teri Yaad Ney Muje kese Kese Sata Diya,
Kabi khalwaton meIn Hassa dIya , Kabi MahfilOn meIn Rula Diya ..

Kabi Yun HUa Teri Yaad mein , Meri Namaz Kaza Hui,
Kabi Yun Hua Teri Yaad Ney Muje Mere Rab Sey miLa dIya .. Read More >>

If I Could ..

If I Could Fly
I'd Show To You The Sky
I'd Take You To The Stars
We Could Make Out On Mars

If I could Breath Under The Sea
We Could Hang Out With The Dolphins And Join Them For Tea
I'd Find For You The Biggest Pearl
Happy In Knowing You Were My Girl

If I could Travel Through Time
I'd Go Back To When You Were Mine
I'd Stop Myself Messing Up And Treating You Bad
And Throwing Away The Best Thing I Ever Had Read More >>