If I Could ..

If I Could Fly
I'd Show To You The Sky
I'd Take You To The Stars
We Could Make Out On Mars

If I could Breath Under The Sea
We Could Hang Out With The Dolphins And Join Them For Tea
I'd Find For You The Biggest Pearl
Happy In Knowing You Were My Girl

If I could Travel Through Time
I'd Go Back To When You Were Mine
I'd Stop Myself Messing Up And Treating You Bad
And Throwing Away The Best Thing I Ever Had


Aroob said...

the things which u offer to do for the one whom u have addressed in your poem are quite childish and cute ...thats not a bad thing...but wat if she really DOES ask u to do one of those things? :P u'd be in big trouble hahaha

Zayam said...

Who was your girl?

i wish i could take her place:p

rajat said...

u rockk buddyy m very much impressed by uu

akshatha said...

It was vry vry cute...
wonder wo s dat lucky girl..???!!!
Loved ur lines a lot...:)

ch said...

i love someone but i dont telhim