Love me for a Reason

Don't love me for what I have,
Or the things that you think I'll receive..
Love me for who I am as a whole,
And the person that I'm struggling to be..

Don't love me for my money,
Because if you ask I will truly share..
Love me for being understanding and kind,
And for being a friend whose always there..

Don't love me because I house you,
Because I would do the same for a dog..
Love me because I have faith in you,
And for loving you most of all..

Love me for seeing the good in you,
And for helping you overcome the bad.
Don't love me because I cater to you,
And for giving you my very last..

Love me for the person I am truly,
On the inside and the out..
Don't love me because the words I love you,
Flows freely from my mouth..

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