Nothing Is Forever..

How many friends have you lost along The way,

How many lovers gone from your sight,
How many times have you broken down in fear,

How many times have you cried yourself to sleep at night.
This world that we live in is far from perfect,
So many things that make it wrong,
Sometimes there's light that brightens up Your day,

But others its been dark all along.
How many times have you left your House crying,
Knowing things will never be the same,
How many times have you had to hide Behind a smile,

Live with a different name.
They say that life's what you make it,
But how can we control death,
One minute we are here living life,
The next out of breathes.

The journey of life confuses me,
Sometimes i just sit and wonder why,
Why do the people we are closest to,
Always have to die???


maya said...

its wht u call frm heart!!i loved it

himanshi said...

really awsum... luvd it