Lost in The Ashes of Time ..

Here I am,Lost in the light of the moon,
that comes through my window ..

Here I am,Lost in the ashes of time, but who wants tomorrow?

Bathed in blue, the walls of my memory divide the thorns from the roses,Its you whose the closest ..


Shaks said...

Life is just a piece of cake
its what they fake
and this world will take
no no no, just give me a break

Hey u bro, look at my shadow
i dont talk like a crow
my life is what i sow
dont go by ma shadow

every thing is a shit
thats y love is what i quit
now, i'm alone when i sit
love, this "love" is fuckin shit

Life was when i walked
with you when i talked
about those days that we've parked
this life- Life is when I rocked

Sitting by my side
is a girl that resides,
neighbour house left side
humm, thats life- the other side

dont give me a crap
to be bonded is a trap
this is frekin rap
dont bother- just leave a scrap---- shakilamuskan@gmail.com....

kamran said...

man i saw your collection thats really good or i will say while i was reading all that i thought thats about my self or may be about many others like me who made mistakes nd then were never able to cover them although they were minor ...very minor...but later they became they became so expensive someone never thought....u will say why ....................................................because while doing these mistakes they left a bad first impresion that wise say is the last impresion

Mohammed Musthafa said...

hey...isnt this a song lyrics? INXS - Afterglow?

Anonymous said...

oh my god...ur collections r just too good manj..and i feel that's the same i feel..they really took my breath away!

Anonymous said...

could anyone can write the lyrics of whole song??? please