The Story Of My Life ..

Story of my life,
I always pay the price
You say you love me,
Your just a great liar to be.

Wonder why I hate you,
Turn around, look at me
Oh! Thats right, you can't,
I not there, so just stare.

Stare at the blowing wind,
Where I could have been
Stare at the empty space,
Where I used to stand.

You killed me, took my heart,
Ripped it from my chest
Held it, beating, in your hand.
Then just dropped it to the ground.

You killed me, not a tear shed,
Or a thought left for the dead ..


Anonymous said...

You rock !!!!!!!

urna said...

i would say i becuming ur fan, the way u express emotions is just breath taking

Raj said...

quite a good one there

Mohammed Musthafa said...

It's gud...the emotions r there...but the rhyme scheme isnt perfect...maybe u wanted it tht's so'd be better if it were longer...

Anonymous said...

The pain never lets us live nor die.

Anonymous said...

vadiya hai!par ek gal daso!eh banda haiga kaun