Broken Friendship = Borken Heart

I'm Sitting here now,
Tears fall down my cheeks,
I can't take this pain no more,
I cant stand these weeps..

Writing from my heart,
As is starts to finally break,
I've been acting so happy,
I can't believe how fake..

I feel the pain at night,
Mostly when I'm alone,
I sit here on my bed,
My heart can no longer be sewn..

I'm looking for a place,
Where i can just get away,
Somewhere where i wont think about you,
Each and everyday.

The friendship necklace we had,
To sides of a heart,
I wore apart of yours around my neck,
you had half my heart from the start.

I guess i didn't realize,
you could cause me so much pain,
But i need to give you back that piece of my heart,
before i slowly go insane..

I'm so sorry things had to end this way,
I guess it wasn't suppose to be,
But please give me back my piece of the heart,
I need it to be free..

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