Life is a Game,Just play it

Roll the dice again
for nothing more than less.
Go ahead and take a turn
for a second chance at happiness.

Maybe we'll win this time,
it could be our lucky day.
To make this life worthwhile,
to make things go our way.

End up with a number,
go on and take those steps.
Walk on to a new beginning,
forgive and pay your debts.

Take a chance on love,
you never know what you may get.
Evin if you play the wrong card,
you can pick another from the deck.

Life is like a game,
play along cause it's your call.
The only way you truly lose
is if you don't try to play at all ..


$tRangeR tO l!fe....♥ said...

loved ur blog!nd ur communities on orkut!

dpooh said...

its brilliant..