How I found You, NoBoDy

If there were no one
Who would gaze upon the stars
Giving them life
Expanding their reach

Who would lie in the ocean
Melding with waves
Dreaming of life
Reaching for the last falling wish

Who would dance
With the grass in their toes
Wishing for life
Upon the last shooting star before dawn

Who would cry to the heavens
Searching for hope
Among the lantern lights of Gods
Hung in the pale moon sky

If there were no one
Would there be stars
An ocean
A grassy meadow

Such questions find me
As I sit by the lake
My toes in the grass
Stars firing my inspiration

Dont know whether you will read this or not , But I ever made you my inspiration , i ever considered you my truth , i ever thought you my Reality & I Just loved You n You :-)


Anonymous said...

sexy .!!! u r seriously great!!!

Anonymous said...

U r so lucky ,Nobody !!