And It was only she ..

Nobody knows why
That little girl cries
Nobody knows why
She as so much pain in her eyes

Nobody knows why
She wears long sleeves to cover her arms
Nobody knows why
She causes herself harm

Nobody knows why
She killed herself that day
Nobody knows why
She never said what she had to say

Nobody knows why
And its to late to see
That, that little girl
Was she n only she :(

I always thought you are also a victim like me , paying for " Others " Sins , but while doing that , You killed yourself !

Ah , You killed me :(


Munawar said...
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Munawar said...

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Diya said...

Oh...! I just could'ent stop reading... I went on and on. You are just a fabulous writer Aaliyaan, Simply loved it. And the ending phrase "Ah, you killed me"
You really did kill me...
Awesome work, keep 'em burning, cheers :)
Hey I am following your blog so that I can just keep on returning for more, hope you have no problems :)

Anonymous said...

this one really rocks...
hw cm u get the words...
loved it...!!!

Anonymous said...

well written Aaliyaan................. really u described the right situation

Lokesh Pidawekar said...

its really great emotions
u are really gud at telling big things on short note
gud work

jamir said...

it really hurts while reading