There is Only One Life

There's no more my heart can take
Always a second chance I want to make
Now it has become three, if it turns four
I will go away for I cant bear more

I can't rule your life for you
The choice is yours with what you do
Inside I have but nothing left
In times of love it feels like death

I'm only human, wanting more joy
Don't treat me like I'm just a toy
I hope from now you'll think of me
Through this distance, in love's loyalty

We have one life to walk in hand
At times it's hard, at times it's grand
None is perfect from mistakes we grow
Through thick n thin, through rain and snow

The future comes, but past forgot
Dishonesty n betrayal will only rot
This is the fact I want you to see
How much in life, you mean to me!


kk said...


maverick @r!f said...

:') i love my girl.....

Vandana said...

OH this is just awesomeeee !!!

Saurabh said...

reality of life when we expect

Anonymous said...


Wall Stickers said...

Really a nice and meaningful poem. Loved it !

shadow said...

yes ,I know what I mean to ,you
As I trust ,you know what ,you mean to me