Reality of NoBoDy

When you left me crying alone
I feel i am a N0b0dy
When God doesn't want to hear me
He proved I am a N0b0dy

When i strive to be Somebody
In the end I turn out to be N0b0dy
When i breathe out the fire
It is the smell of N0b0dy

When i want to burn my existence
Since my life is of Nobody
When my love is not with me
She considered me a NOb0dy

When i feel lonely in a crowd
That's because I am N0bOdy
When my prayers are not answered
Because it's the prayers of N0B0Dy


Neha said...

Sweet :)

Nivedita said...

i seriously loved it..!!

Rakesh said...

It's superb related something to me..

ritu said...

its jst for me ..........very sweeet

Anonymous said...

hey nice poem

sumit garg said...

very nice, it really wording of heart.i really like

Yash said...

I have already said in scrap that i am your fan. You are my idol, in poetry ofcourse.

Its treat to read you!

Anonymous said...

she wasnt a curse on u.
God is up there to listen to every prayer, He does...!