I Always Hide My Tears

Tears burning as they fall
My soul is crying for you
Melting a path to my heart
Where love still lives so true

Memories screaming in flame
Holding your picture again
Eternity has stood still
Since you left me in pain

How do I live in darkness
Without you lighting my way
Fading images haunting my life
When I turned and left that day

Hiding beneath tide of misery
Waiting to be swept away
Drowning waves of broken dreams
Never your love would I betray

Will you catch me when I fall
From my cliff of sorrow
Need your love to continue living
Without you time is borrowed..


Anonymous said...

Wow !!!!!

Anonymous said...

chehre ko apne hatho se n chupya karo,
aapke ansuyon ka ehsaas ho jata hai,,,,,

rona ho to barrish me chala karo,
naye sire se jine ka hausla aata hai,,,,,


Anonymous said...

this is really very beautiful....

Anonymous said...

true lyk hell....

Anonymous said...

aawwhh..:( <3..beautifully writetn!

Tι' !?ε∂ Θƒ м@ lι'ƒε said...

awsme dude.. u made me cry

saharnoori07 said...

hmm its really wonderful...