If My past Could be My future

For as long as I can remember
you have had the biggest part in my life
There has always been this magic between us
and I never even wasted a minute on the idea
that we could ever grow apart

But now I'm left here alone
thinking of our memorable past
realizing it's the only thing I have left of you
memories that were once so sweet and meaningfull
but now became so bitter and painfull
Because I'm concious of the fact
that I'll never experience them ever again

And I didn't just lose our love.I lost our friendship that was so precious to me.But it's impossible for me to 'just be your friend.And make you love me again
the way you used to before you fell for U ..

Just know that you are my entire past
but that you are not even a part of my future ..=(

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Youngistaan said...

Nice one Aaliyaan. Really like this poem. Thanks.